45 min Megaformer

Our signature class is a 45 minute full-body workout. 
This class is for all levels! 

45 min Mega Focus

Sculpted and toned arms is our FOCUS in this class!

35 Min Mega Lunch Express

We've upped the intensity in this quick, effective, lunch break class.

OUR MISSION                     

Every person should have an exercise regimen in their life.  It is an investment in your health and future that you cannot put a price on.  Motivate offers a fun, engaging welcoming place for women and men to come and feel strong and powerful. Motivate wants you to know that fitness is more than the change you see on the scale.  It is seeing the strength that comes from within you, and pushing past your perceived capabilities.  Health is a lifestyle that makes you strong inside and out.  Invest in yourself; future you will thank you for it!



If you want to lengthen, tone muscle and torch body fat, you've found the right workout!  Motivate offers the Lagree Fitness Method developed by fitness visionary, Sebastien Lagree.

Unlike any other workout, Lagree Fitness is designed to target the slow-twitch muscle fibers (think long-distance runners vs sprinters).  These muscle fibers are your endurance muscles, which are longer, thinner, and are your FAT BURNING muscle fibers.  This will have you burning calories long after class.

With the limitless versatility of the M3 Megaformer, our classes will push your body's limits, revealing a stronger you inside and out! The Megaformer allows you to move seamlessly from one exercise to the next, keeping the heart rate up and the muscles effectively working throughout the entire class.

Our 45 minute workouts are high-intensity and engaging in a fun group environment.   Each class is designed to push your muscles to create CHANGE and can burn between 500-800 calories! We achieve this through slow, controlled movements with the muscles under constant tension.  Because of this, there is less opportunity for injury with little to no impact on the joints.

Sound intense?! It is!  But our knowledgeable instructors can accommodate all fitness levels.  Every exercise can be modified to reduce intensity and reversely, varied to increase intensity.  Beginners, don't be intimidated!  We all started out as beginners once.  We want to ensure everyone is getting the workout they need.

Motivate will help you build that lean, toned physique everyone desires.  You'll very soon learn to love the burn and shake that comes with Lagree Fitness!