One of the best allies you can have to help facilitate weight loss and maintain a healthy diet is... water! Sure, there many diet hacks and fitness tips out there, but water is the purest natural companion that will rev your metabolism, boost your immune system and promote weight loss. Fuse water and fruits to create a detox water that energizes, combats bloating and keeps you hydrated throughout the day--try 5 of these refreshing combinations below:

1.  Grapefruit and Rosemary Water .  See recipe here ..

1. Grapefruit and Rosemary Water. See recipe here..

2.  Springtime Strawberry Spa Water .  See recipe here .

2. Springtime Strawberry Spa Water. See recipe here.

3.  Citrus Detox Water .  See recipe here .

3. Citrus Detox Water. See recipe here.

4.  Autumn Infused Water .  See recipe here .

4. Autumn Infused Water. See recipe here.

5.  Lemon Ginger Water.   See recipe here .

5. Lemon Ginger Water. See recipe here.