Chicken is a great, lean source of protein and can be an excellent healthy hallmark in a nutritious diet, but can be boring when you are merely eating plain chicken breasts every other day. Appease your taste buds and healthy conscious by sprucing up the dull chicken dinner. Classic chicken meals undergo a makeover in these 5 simple, delicious recipes--try one of these for your next meal! : 

1.  Lemon Chicken Breasts.  See recipe  here .

1. Lemon Chicken Breasts. See recipe here.

2.  Baked Orange Chicken and Brown Rice.  See recipe  here .

2. Baked Orange Chicken and Brown Rice. See recipe here.

3.  Baja Chicken Bowl.  See recipe  here .

3. Baja Chicken Bowl. See recipe here.

4.  Skinny Cowgirl Chicken Salad . See recipe  here .

4. Skinny Cowgirl Chicken Salad. See recipe here.

5.  Slow-Cooker Balsamic Chicken . See recipe  here .

5. Slow-Cooker Balsamic Chicken. See recipe here.