HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we reflect on what a year 2017 has been--how much we have grown, learned and changed--and take all the positives from the previous year into the new year, it is even more important to establish new goals and ambitions. For many, these new objectives revolve around fitness and a stronger, healthier body. And to that, we say YES YOU CAN! Maintaining and elevating your fitness is a continued process and can't be attained in one day. Sustainable change takes time and if you push yourself little by little each and every day, you will see transformation. In this new year, we challenge you to implement these 5 diet/fitness tips in your routine so that you achieve your best self this 2018:

1) Eat breakfast EVERY DAY. 

2) Carry a healthy snack with you wherever you go! 

3) Drink your recommended daily serving of water (it will depend on each person, but the general recommended daily amount is 64 ounces).

4) Take your time when eating!

5) Start your meal with a soup or salad.