Breakfast - the most important meal of the day, as we all know. But even armed with this knowledge, there are some mornings where you find yourself wanting to hit the snooze button, get that extra 30 minutes of sleep and just settle for a cup of coffee rather than waking up to make yourself a meal (we've all been there). In those moments, it's much easier to pull yourself out of bed when you have some healthy, delicious and most importantly, easy-to-make breakfast recipes up your sleeve! Good news is that you don't have to do any leg work on finding these recipes; you just have to execute them. Try out one of these 5 recipes your next morning:

1. Sun Butter, Banana & Chia Seed Toast. See recipe here.

2. Healthy Berry Yogurt Smoothie. See recipe here.

3. Savory Oatmeal with Cheddar and Fried Egg. See recipe here.

4. 5-Minute Multigrain Cereal. See recipe here.

5. Chilled Overnight Chia. See recipe here.