Trainer Spotlight | Erika C

How did you find Lagree and why does it resonate with you?


I have always been into trying different workouts, gyms and switching up my fitness routine. I have a tendency to get bored after I do something for a few months. I was fortunate enough to know Jessica White, another instructor at Motivate. I saw her posting about Lagree and the studio. If you have seen Jess, then you know her body is goals. I came in and tried a class, instantly fell in love, and asked how to become an instructor the same day. I support everything about the Lagree method. It is low impact, so it’s nice on the joints, it requires a strong mentality and focus, and I never get bored. But I also have to say, I love the changes I have seen in my physique that I was never able to achieve with other cardio or weight exercises. 

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is half precision, half energy. I try and give as much detail in regards to proper set up, form, and how to continue these essentials throughout the movement. But I also love loud high energy music, which I think then translates to the rest of the vibe of how I speak and teach a class.  

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What’s your favorite post workout nosh?

I am pretty simple when it comes to my post workout, I drink a lot of water after to rehydrate my body and then follow it up with a protein shake. I prefer plant based proteins. My go to at home is Sun Warrior in chocolate with a scoop of superfood powder in order to add extra nutrients. If I am in a rush and running errands after, I grab an Apres in cold brew. 

If you were to give one workout tip to your clients, what would it be?

Setup the next move properly. I catch myself doing this as much as the next person. We get in the zone in class and we want to jump into the move. I still want to see a quick transition out of everyone, but I also want to see the proper set up. Listen as the instructor gives those first ques and take that knowledge, absorb it, and apply it. For skating it is one foot on the front platform, one foot on the carriage underneath the strap, square your hips and shoulders off, send the carriage out, equally distribute your weight then get into the squat, track your knees over the ankle, keep your chest up and shoulder blades compressed into lats. If you get into the squat first and just send the carriage out, you most likely are not going to be performing the move correctly, targeting the muscle completely, or getting the full effect of the workout. Take that extra 5 seconds at the beginning to get the most out of each move. 

Erika teaches at our Valencia location. Sign up for her classes HERE!