HEALTH HACK | 7 Days of Self Care 

Does it seem kind of crazy we have to have the term “self care” to take care of ourselves? Yes. Does it also seem kind of necessary? Yep. 

Not all of us have the luxury of taking days off at a time to pamper and primp ourselves until we’ve seen fit, but that doesn’t mean it should go out the window! You’re the one getting you around and being relied upon for everything you are! That’s worth taking good care of :)

Here are 7 easy things broken up by the days of the week to get some simple self care time in. 

Monday: Wake up an hour and a half earlier to get a head start on the week ahead!

Tuesday: Refresh your to do list 

Wednesday: Do a brisk walk or easy jog for 20 minutes! 

Thursday: Eat some chocolate. Good for the brain and the heart!

Friday: Have a night in with your love or best friends! Relax and unwind from the week and go to bed early!

Saturday: Take your dog out for walk. And if you don’t have one - borrow one!

Sunday: Try 10 minutes of no electronics in a comfy space - just you time. 

Let us know what you think after giving these a go! Got tips of your own for squeezing in self care time? Let us know in the comments!