HEALTH HACKS | Substitutes for Cleaner Eats

Cleaning up our diets can be as quick and easy as a simple substitute.  Here are some of our favorite clean eats!

Avocado > Mayonaise

Avocado is loaded with healthy fats and none of saturated fats and processed ingredients found in conventional mayonaise.  You can use this as a spread on your sandwiches, or even in tuna or chicken salad!


Oatmeal > Breadcrumbs

Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate, which means it won't spike your blood sugar like white breadcrumbs!  Complex carbs provide longer sustaining energy and it's loaded with fiber.

Cashews > Cream

Blended cashews can be used in place of creamer in anything from soups, pasta sauce, over fruit, and in mashed potatoes!  Check out this easy recipe here!


Nutritional Yeast > Cheese

Full of B Vitamins, protein, and fiber, nutritional yeast adds a fantastic nutty and cheesy flavor without the fats and calories!  Try it over popcorn, in soups, over pasta, or on your veggies!


Greek Yogurt > Sour Cream

You won't even know the difference while cutting the calories in half!


We'd love to hear your feedback if you try it out!


The Motivate Team