FUNCTIONAL FOOD | Guilt-Free Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! Whether you are celebrating a holiday or simply spending time with family and loved ones, this time of the year can be a stressful time for some of us. We all know that the holidays usually revolve around two things: food and family/loved ones–both of which can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Well, I can’t really help you out with the family part–you are on your own dealing with your annoying uncle/aunt–but food should never be a source of stress. EVER! I have found it quite common to hear that people tend to feel guilty around the holidays because they ate too much, or ate something they usually don’t eat, or simply because maybe they didn’t get to work out as much as they would have liked to. I just wanted to tell everyone: that’s ok!

Remove the guilt and we will all be happier people. Eat what you like at your gatherings. Eat foods that make you feel good while you eat them and even afterwards. Hopefully, you’ll aim to choose the whole, real and nourishing foods that don’t come in bags but that are actually grown on (or inside) this earth. Have that piece of pie if you want it. Chew it. Savor it! Eat your meals slowly, as if you were on a megaformer (hey Lagree peeps!): slow and mindful.  You’ll probably find that by eating in a slower and more mindful manner, you will feel full quicker, since you are giving your stomach enough time to signal your brain that it has had enough.

After you’ve eaten that piece of pie–and really enjoyed it–let it go! Remember this moment with fondness and not guilt. Guilt leads to stress and stress provides us with the very things that so many of us are stressed out about in the first place. When we are stressed there is an increase in our levels of cortisol–the stress hormone–, primarily our fight or flight hormone which, when elevated, causes an increase in blood-sugar levels which, in turn, causes our bodies to store more, unwanted fat. Isn’t that what caused the guilt in the first place? CUT THE GUILT OUT! It’s useless and does way more harm than good. Come to think of it, it does absolutely no good.

The moral of the story, my lovelies, is to enjoy your food, chew it, savor it, and, much like when you are at Motivate on the beloved megaformer doing a spider kick (an elevator lunge or a serve the platter) remember to do so methodically and mindfully–”piano, piano si van lontano” (slow goes a long way).

Every couple of weeks, I will be posting nutrition and wellness advice, recipes, and interesting findings worth sharing with all of you. I know that we all have different interests and needs so I will try to cover different topics with every post. I would love to read your feedback so I encourage you to share your thoughts and/or questions in the comments section below.

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